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CCI Store - Lot-et-Garonne
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CCI Store - Lot-et-Garonne
Un Territoire accueillant et équipé pour les entrepreneurs


Welcome to the website of the LOT-ET-GARONNE CCI gateway to economic life and business in Lot-et-Garonne

The Lot-et-Garonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI47)

The Lot-et-Garonne CCI (CCI47) is an institution run by entrepreneurs to represent and defend the interests of 14 000 businesses.

The CCI 47 is an important player in the economic activity of the Lot-et-Garonne area, taking part in all decisions concerning business and territory organization. Its management methods, skills and resources make it a unique player for giving first class advices, and support local Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs).

It also offers a wide-ranging, constantly updated training program in terms of professional apprenticeships and further education.

The CCI 47 works with all the decision makers by giving economic directions, ensuring the businesses and territory’s interests are well represented.

The CCI is an important player in the economic activity of the Lot-et-Garonne area, taking part in all decisions concerning business and town planning. Its management methods, skills and resources allow it to play a major role in advising and supporting companies. It also offers a wide-ranging, constantly updated training programme in the field of apprenticeships and continuing education.
The CCI manages some infrastructures, many of which it was responsible for creating. These facilities include an airport and some "enterprises nurseries".
The elected members are responsible for establishing the general policy of the CCI. The "Parlement des Entreprises" consists of 42 appointed members, 21 associate members, 143 technical advisers and 166 consular delegates.
The President and elected members define the strategic policy of the CCI which is implemented by Senior Management who mobilise and optimise the necessary human, technical and financial resources.

The departments of the CCI

The essential missions of the CCI are to defend its territory's firms' interests and to promote its economy. This is why our consular company stands up for the commercial and industrial interests of its circumscription. Even though, CCI has the task of promoting the creation and development of businesses in Lot-et-Garonne :

  • The creation, takeover or transfer of businessesThe role of this service is to inform, advise and support people setting up or taking over businesses, to carry out legal formalities, to finance business plans (Lot-et-Garonne Initiatives) and to provide accommodation for new businesses in specially adapted facilities (Pépinière d'entreprises - "Enterprise nursery").
  • Commercial DevelopmentThis service offers advice to shopkeepers, promotes the commercial fabric of Lot-et-Garonne.
  • Industrial Development and Environmental Managementprincipal tasks of this department are industrial development, advice to businesses in their development plans, mobilisation of the regional performance network. Environmental management signifies a commitment to a positive environmental policy (Environmental Diagnosis and Advice), the optimisation of industrial waste management, the improvement of the environmental quality of industrial estate.
  • International DevelopmentThis department talks about international affairs, the provision of information about foreign markets and legal advice. It also planned several business trips in foreign countries and most particularly in Magreb.
  • Training The Lot-et-Garonne CCI pays a lot of attention to training. Sud Management is a school in management and marketing, and the Institut de la Garonne trains people to feed the needs of regional pharmaceutical industry.


Overview of the Economy of Lot-et-Garonne

The Lot-et-Garonne has a diversified industry activity. Traditional pillars of the local economy are the agrofood industry and metallurgy, each employing nearly 4000 staff. Developing sectors are the wood industry, (3000 employees), manufacturing (2000) and pharmaceuticals (1500).
 Agropole: tomorrow's farming and foods Lot-et-Garonne has founded part of its future on the food processing industries and the Agropole technological zone at Agen is the leading French business park specialising in food-processing industries and agribusiness.
The Agropole Entreprises company incubator provides facilities, a network of expertise and contacts, as well as a wide range of services for people setting up new business in this sector. This well-equipped scientific, technical, technological, and financial base, combined with business start-up facilities and a range of interconnecting services, has shown that Agropole companies have a much higher success rate than business start-ups elsewhere.